Master Day Bio Sciences 2022 (online)

On Friday the 21nd of January 2022, the National Master Day Bio Sciences 2022 will take place, organized by the LOBS (Landelijk Overleg BiologieStudenten) in collaboration with the Dutch Institute for Biology (NIBI), Bionieuws, BMSO (Biomedisch Studenten Overleg) and various Dutch universities.

There will be an information market from 16:00 until 18:30 on online platform Hopin, a link will follow. Master programmes from all over the country will present themselves during an information market, where you have plenty of opportunities to browse and ask all the questions you may have. In addition, interesting lectures about the labour market or how to choose your master will be organized. It is important to orient yourself in time in order to make the best choice for a master, therefore this activity is interesting for students from all years of education.

You can now sign-up to be in attendance through this form

16:00 – Walk in
16:15 – Opening
16:25 – Lecture
17:00 – Round 1
17:20 – Round 2
17.40 – Break
18:00 – Round 3
18:20 – Round 4
18:40 – Closing

Programmes that will be attending

  • Universiteit van Amsterdam                     
    • Biomedical Sciences – cluster Medical Biology   
    • Biomedical Sciences – cluster Neurobiology                      
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam                   
    • Biomedical sciences      
    • Imaging & Personalized Medicine           
  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen                       
    • Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences           
    • Biomedical Sciences      
  • Universiteit Leiden                       
    • Governance of Sustainability     
    • Industrial Ecology          
    • Vitality and Ageing
  • Universiteit van Maastricht                      
    • Biomedical Sciences                                                                 
  • Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen               
    • Biomedical Sciences      
    • Conservation and Restoration Ecology and Adaptive Organisms
    • Human Biology
    • Microbiology and Water and Environment/TWM
    • Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (Research)
    • Neuroscience and Medical Epigenomics
    • Research Master Behavioural Science
    • Research Master Cognitive neuroscience                                                                      
  • Universiteit Utrecht                     
    • Bio Inspired Innovation                                            
    • Environmental Biology
    • Health and Environment             
    • Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences      
  • Wageningen Universiteit                           
    • Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management             
    • Biology
    • Earth and Environment                              
    • Forest and Nature conservation              
    • Plant sciences, organic agriculture and plant biotechnology       

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