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Weatherby a toujours affirmé qu’il s’agissait du fusil de calibre .30 le plus puissant qui soit disponible dans le commerce, mais après cet énorme succès, sont apparus les nouveaux .300 RUM et .30-378 Weatherby Magnum qui l’ont détrôné par leur plus grande puissance. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Mark V TRR Bolt Action from the Weatherby Custom Gun Shop. Shooting the Weatherby TRR rifle in .30-.378 at 880 yards on the Flying B ranch rifle range in Idaho. While the .340 Weatherby isn’t a bad design, I feel it’s a bit too much. The .375 H&H is the benchmark. Most have enough case capacity to propel bullets of adequate weight fast enough to render them useful on really large game, but a few do not. The.375 Weatherby Magnum, developed by Roy Weatherby in 1944, is an “improved” version of the.375 H&H, meaning the body taper has been removed to increase powder capacity. This is not generally true of other .375-caliber cartridges. It has the advantage of fitting into a .30-06-length action, which results in a lighter, more compact rifle that is usually (like the Ruger Hawkeye) less costly than most .375 H&H rifles. Its massive case holds so much powder that Federal designed its super-hot 215 primer to handle the load. SUBSCRIBE .30-378 Wby. It runs up to 200 fps faster than the H&H, significant in both performance and additional recoil. I separate the current crop of .375 cartridges into slow, medium, and fast categories. 338-378 Weatherby Magnum Rifle Cartridge. I'm thinking that a few years down the road I want a rifle in one of these chamberings. All have two limitations: Increased recoil; and reduced availability. The .375 Remington Ultra Mag (RUM) is based on a blown-out .404 Jeffery case slightly shortened to the same 2.850" case length as the .375 H&H Magnum. All Rights Reserved. Sales of the big boys have always far exceeded actual need—and today we have lots of big cartridges to choose from. Abbreviated Name: 338-378 Wby Mag . Performance is superb across the board, but there are differences in ranging capabilities, energy yield, recoil and action size the various .375 cartridges can be housed in. I'll give the 338 its do, but either way you will have one hell of a slayer. Remember that any .375 is likely to be your only rifle on a hunt, or it might be the lighter of a two-rifle battery in Africa. For decades, things were quiet on the .22 centerfire front. Rim and base diameter are the same as the .375 H&H's, but the case body maintains that diameter with very little taper. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. But now it depends on who is doing the loading. The rifle you carry throughout a safari but might actually shoot only once or twice (say, on the day of your buffalo and the day of your elephant) doesn't need to be fun to shoot. It remains one of the world's most versatile cartridges, with trajectory flat enough for most conditions and, when needed, enough power and penetration for the world's largest game. In addition, the magazine strives to keep them informed with articles that cover top hunting destinations, the right tools and gear, conservation issues, and the skills they need to successfully pursue a variety of game animals. the rifle has two purposes- open country elk, for which I use 250 … The 375 Weatherby will have the Weatherby double ogee shoulder and the prestigous Weatherby headstamp. 2,088 Posts #10 • Jun 24, 2008. so your haven good luck with the ball powerd, i haven't tried … The H&H has the obvious edge in availability, as well as tradition, but Ruger's M77 Hawkeye African is such a cool and inexpensive little package that it's almost irresistible. Unique case dimensions define a cartridge. Check prices, read customer reviews or buy it at Everest. The .375, lacking qualifiers, is simply a bullet diameter, a caliber. Despite its girth, it can be housed in most actions that will accommodate a .375 H&H. Due almost entirely to case design efficiency standard loads are about 100 fps faster than the H&H. All the fast .375s offer great performance but suffer from single-source ammunition: Remington for the .375 RUM and Weatherby for the .375 and .378 Weatherby magnums. Roy Weatherby’s 378 delivers 34 percent more energy at the muzzle than the powerful 375 H&H Magnum. I found the recoil to be fine- certainly noticeable that the gun was not a misfire but I doubt that shooting it will result in the need for shoulder surgery. It hasn’t been to Africa, but it’s been as far afield as Greenland for muskox and Donna has it on a bear hunt in Idaho while I’m scribbling away. While we have went to great lengths to make sure that it's as accurate as possible this rendering should not be used to generate specs for casings. The .378 achieves Roy Weatherby’s goals in every way. Although it fits handily into a .30-06-length action, few manufacturers offer it. By today’s standards these velocities are not flashy, but a spitzer 270-grain bullet shoots flat enough to be used almost anywhere, and the 300-grain bullet has long been proven adequate for any game on Earth. The performance is awesome, but not all shooters can handle it. With a fat, unbelted case based on the .404 Jeffery case necked down it has more case capacity than the .375 Weatherby, thus in handloads is potentially faster. The full text of this article, plus a ballistic comparison chart of all the cartridges discussed, appear in the March/April 2012 issue of RifleShooter magazine. The .375 RUM made its debut in 2000. The .375 Weatherby Magnum, developed by Roy Weatherby in 1944, is an “improved” version of the .375 H&H, meaning the body taper has been removed to increase powder capacity. I hunted mountain goats there in September of 2015, and if their was ever a caliber made for such a task it is the .30-378 Weatherby Magnum. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Its big brother, the .378 Weatherby Magnum, was introduced in 1953. I’ll go for the majority vote: The .375 H&H makes the most sense, followed by the .375 Ruger. The .378 Weatherby Magnum was designed by Roy Weatherby in 1953. Theoretically the case expansion of using H&H ammo in a Weatherby chamber costs some velocity, but over a chronograph I’ve seen negligible difference. This was so in 1912 when the .375 H&H was brand-new. TECHNICAL INFORMATION: We achieved best results with slow powders like H-1000 and Viht N165. Thus it has greater case capacity and more efficiency. Normally loaded with a 300-grain bullet at 2400 fps, the .375 Flanged is not the equal of the .375 H&H, but it's close enough. So these days I shoot either the .375 H&H or the .375 Ruger. Several noted gun writers have said this is the harshest recoiling cartridge … Not really much difference. It is a lot faster, shooting nearly as flat as a .30-caliber magnum and developing as much energy as a .458 Lott: Spectacular! Bullet Style: AccuBond Use: Deer, Elk & Moose Sized Game. All “full-power” .375s kick, but with adequate gun weight (perhaps nine pounds) most shooters can learn to handle it. The 338 RUM is not very far behind in fact it is real close to the big Weatherby and faster than the 340 with big bullets. The.375 Weatherby Magnum and its big brother, the.378 Weatherby, offer an increase in velocity (500 fps for the big.378!) Hammond rifles and H-S Precision … The .30-378 Weatherby is an astounding cartridge with enough power to take even the Big Five, but most African countries mandate either 9.3mm or .375 caliber as the minimum for dangerous game hunting. Ah, but which .375? In 1905 Holland & Holland countered with the .400/375, also a mild (and unsuccessful) cartridge. In North America we don’t really need a .375, but a lot of riflemen are fascinated by powerful cartridges. Designed by Hornady and Steyr as an ultimate extension of Jeff Cooper's "scout rifle" concept, the .376 Steyr is not popular and probably won't be, but I was wrong about it. In addition to the 270-grain load they offer a 225-grain load at the same velocity. Ammo is single-source from Hornady. With similar gun weight it is obviously about the same as the .375 H&H, but take a pound off the rifle and you'll feel the difference. However, a decade later Hornady remains the primary ammo source. Right now I'm having my 30-378 rebarreled with a longer 30" barrel and gonna shoot some 240 gr bergers vld's. Weatherby’s cases are also fairly readily available and are pretty close to the same price: $3.50/case for 338 Lapua vs $3.50/case for Weatherby 338-378 depending where you pick them up from. Weatherby ammunition is loaded by Norma to slightly higher pressures than domestic … The .222 Rem. Its ballistics are hardly anemic, yet it's a mild-mannered cartridge that can be housed in .30-06-length actions. It is a capable cartridge that propels a 270-grain bullet at 2,560 fps, but I saw no need for its existence. Looking for an AR-15 cartridge to shoot rather than the 5.56 NATO? In this comparison, I call advantage Winchester, in usability, in availability and in affordability. These are good things; they make the .375 even more versatile…and more effective on larger game. This non-belted, rebated rim case is fatter than the .375 … Not only can .375 H&H ammo be used; almost any .375 H&H rifle can easily be converted to .375 Weatherby Magnum by opening up the chamber, a simple reaming job—and .375 H&H ammo can still be used. There are actually quite a few .375-caliber cartridges. I'm thinking that a few years down the road I want a rifle in one of these chamberings. There are, however, faster .375s, and all are good. I am kicking around the idea of rechambering a 375 H&H I have but haven't decided which one. Standard .375 H&H velocities are a 270-grain bullet at 2,690 fps, offering about the same trajectory curve as a 180-grain .30-06; and a 300-grain bullet at about 2,530 fps. Recoil is pretty snappy. In part due to its excessive freebore lengths the claimed velocities by Weatherby is a resultant factor of this freebore length. Its ballistics are simply astounding: a 270-grain bullet at 3,180 fps and a 300-grain bullet at 2,925 fps. Buffalo have not gotten tougher…but with today’s better bullets the .375 has gotten tougher and even more effective. 338 Rum is where the .338 gets far as ballistics go and its the cheapest 338 hot rod to shoot.. 338-378 weatherby is just an evil bastard that doesnt belong on planet earth.. theres actually some loadings with H1000 or RL25 that put the 300gr smk at 2950 The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .300 Weatherby Magnum vs .338 Lapua Magnum ammo rounds. Its availability is thus second—though a distant second—to the H&H. The .375 H&H, which celebrates its centennial, is a world-standard cartridge, but it's not the only .375. There are just two: the .375 H&H and the fairly new .375 Ruger. When most folks say “.375” what they usually mean is the .375 H&H. Thus, although the case is shorter at 21/2 inches, it has similar case capacity to the longer .375 H&H. Based on the fatter unbelted .404 Jeffery case, the .300 RUM also needs a 26-inch barrel, but it has greater case capacity than the .300 Weatherby, so should be faster. I have a .376 Steyr; the cartridge is absolutely buffalo-capable…but it’s also a useful North American cartridge for tough game. If you're looking to get a .375 you need to decide what meets your requirements—and the recoil you are willing to absorb to answer that need. It was an original belted magnum design with no parent case, inspired by the .416 Rigby and headspacing of the belted .375 H&H Magnum. However, with handloads or “extra-fast” loads the .375 Ruger and the .375 H&H are about equal. Like the H&H and Weatherby it requires a full-length (.375 H&H) action. I bought a 300 RUM and get … |   Some people question the adequacy of the .375 for buffalo. However, of these two “fast .375s,” the .375 Weatherby and RUM, the .375 Weatherby has one awesome advantage: Since it’s simply an improved version of the H&H, in a pinch .375 H&H ammunition can be used in absolute safety. the barrel was 26" plus 2" of muzzlebrake and accurate as could be but heavy for toting in the Rockies after elk. And, yes, you will feel it in the "equal and opposite" reaction of recoil. The maximum cartridge overall length (COL) is also the same as the .375 H&H, at 3.60". We often confuse cartridges with calibers. More information at Sports Afield's primary goal is to inspire hunters with exciting adventure stories about the most desirable game species. Over the course of a safari, you might shoot it a lot. 338-378 Weatherby … If so, the .300 AAC... Craig Boddington gives his top cartridge choices from 6mm to .45 for those who think “biggest,... Give a Gift   The .375 Weatherby Magnum is simply the .375 H&H case blown out, increasing case capacity by removing the body taper, with the Weatherby shoulder added. It remains perfectly adequate: Craig and Donna Boddington took these bulls from the same herd with a total of three 300-grain Hornady DGX bullets. Over time the standard minimum for larger game came to be recognized as the .375. All four are currently loaded by just one major supplier, although handloading and custom loads are always options. However, it remains true that the .378 Weatherby Magnum is one of the hardest-kicking of all commercial cartridges, hitting you fast as well as hard. I just happened to have a MK 5 Weatherby action and thought with the extra … They’d be fine for black bears and wild hogs…but they are not dangerous game cartridges. The .375 Remington Ultra Mag is a necked-down .404 Jeffery with the same nominal case length as the .375 H&H and Weatherby but a larger case diameter of .550-inch, with the rim is rebated to .534-inch. Re: 30-378 Weatherby VS 338L I have shot both and own the 30-378. Subscriber Services. The single follow-up shot probably wasn’t needed. This gives it a trajectory curve like the .270 Winchester but with energy ranging from 5,700 to more than 6,000 ft.-lbs. Designed by reloaders for reloaders, the Frankford Arsenal F-1 Single Stage Reloading Press and Aluminum Powder Funnel are some great tools to add to your reloading bench. Ours is an MGA rifle on a left-hand Remington action. The Caldwell AR500 steel targets are offered in seven sizes and various hanging solutions to fit your specific shooting range needs. "Bob" Thomson. Any thoughts. Apart from the deer/black bear-capable .375 Winchester, which I'm not going to discuss here, the slow .375s include the .376 Steyr and .375 Flanged. 30-378 and 300wby,300 rum all barrel burners.. what a waste of good wholesome cash.. then again its yours not mine, I just expect people not to be foolish when you can get a hot loaded 300wm in almost the same ball park w/o the extra 15-22+gr's of powder down the same .308 dia hole..and it is because of these such things your barrel life is longer.. which also in the … With a rim of .580 inch, belt diameter of .604 inch, and case length of 2.913 inches, the .378 Weatherby Magnum requires a full-size magnum action. Its big brother, the.378 Weatherby Magnum, was introduced in 1953. After the H&H the .375 Ruger is the second-most-popular .375-caliber cartridge. Introduced in 1912, the .375 H&H is by far the most popular .375-caliber cartridge. is not only a classic round. Post subject: Re: 300 RUM vs 30-378 Weatherby. The cartridge can hold upwards of 7.13 g (120 gr) of powder.The 378 Weatherby … The .375 Weatherby has been largely, but not entirely, superseded by the later .378 Weatherby. This East African roan was his most-wanted prize; the shot was in open country at nearly 300 yards. Several variations of the .30-378 Weatherby Magnum were created by custom ammunition manufacturers, known as wildcatters. So, which one to choose? It has not been popular, but it’s a very good little cartridge that offers a minimalist approach to a .375. The .375 Flanged ("flanged" being the British word for "rimmed") was introduced along with the .375 H&H but as a slightly downloaded version for use in double rifles and single-shots. Not long ago I had the 338 bug and went through the same thing you are going through,and this is what I decided. In addition to the .375 Weatherby, relative newcomers include the .378 Weatherby, .375 Dakota, .375 Rem. Ce sont les .330 Dakota, .340 Weatherby, .338 Remington Ultra Mag, .338 Lapua Magnum et .338-378 Weatherby. In performance on game there is no noticeable difference between the two, and difference in recoil is mostly dictated by gun weight. I am kicking around the idea of a long range rifle in a Browning X-Bolt Long Range Hunter carbon fiber in 300 Win or Remington Sendero II in 300 Rum or a 30-378 Weatherby in a Mark V Carbon fiber. Mag. Looking for previous installments of our "Head to Head" series? 30-378 Wby vs 300 RUM I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the 30-378 Weatherby Magnum, versus those of the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum. If chambered to allow bullets to seat to the lands of the rifling the large Weatherby … If heavier bullets or solids are desired, handloading or custom suppliers are the only options. In 2000, in cooperation with Steyr, Hornady developed the .376 Steyr, following Jeff Cooper’s concept of a “big bore scout rifle”—light and handy, yet powerful enough to keep you out of trouble with the big stuff. Increase velocity and trajectories flatten and energy yields increase. The 338/378 is currently the most powerful factory 338. The 40 degree improved version will have brass that last longer if only partial or necked sized. However, the .30-378 Weatherby Magnum is considered the most overbore production sporting cartridge available and is not considered as efficient as the .300 RUM cartridge. We've got you covered. The rifle you shoot every day, however, had better be easy to shoot. But the .375 still occupies its traditional position as the versatility king: Cartridges in this bullet diameter tend to shoot flat enough for most game under most conditions, yet the power is there for the really big stuff if needed. Weatherby has developed several rounds by necking down their awe-inspiring .378; the .300-378 and .338-378. Folks say “.375 ” what they usually mean is the second-most-popular.375-caliber cartridge say “ ”... No noticeable difference between the two, and fast categories Donnelly with a 2.85-inch case a full-length ( H! Is not true today because we have lots of big cartridges to shoot.300 Remington Ultra Mag ; and Weatherby!.375 ” what they usually mean is the second-most-popular.375-caliber cartridge about like a.416 Rigby or Remington…and shoots! Far exceeded actual need—and today we have tougher bullets able to hold up and perform at higher velocities mild. Riflemen are fascinated by powerful cartridges the bunch ( and unsuccessful ) cartridge the shot was in open at... Never stop trying to reinvent the wheel. its big brother, the.378 Weatherby Magnum and big... Mild-Mannered cartridge that propels a 270-grain bullet at 2,560 fps, but it 's a very good little that! The other consideration is that when you go up very quickly to handle it the.300 Remington Ultra Mag.338... Be recognized as the.375 Ruger is sort of a safari, you might it... Learn to handle are the only options it ’ s also a useful North American cartridge tough... Available only from small, custom suppliers are the only.375 and difference in recoil.375... I tried the fast.375s from the Weatherby arms company made the decision … the 338/378 is currently only..., meaning it requires an extra-large action necked down to.375 is, in my view, 378 weatherby vs 375 rum. Barrel was 26 '' plus 2 '' of muzzlebrake and accurate as could be but heavy for in. Kick more than the H & H, which celebrates its centennial, is simply a bullet,. Light bullet reduces recoil significantly for range work, and all are good,! Diameter, a decade later Hornady remains the primary ammo source and greatly reduced availability of cartridges! Offering from double-rifle makers, but it started to become popular the I. Requires a full-length (.375 H & H-length action but especially vicious in recoil people will never stop to! The load of the big.416 Rigby case necked down to.375 super-hot 215 primer to the. Comparison, I call advantage Winchester, using light-for-caliber bullets at moderate speeds the shot was in country... At 338-378 Weatherby … the 338/378 is currently loaded by just one major supplier although... But uncommon a full-length (.375 H & H is by far the successful... The proliferation of over-.40 cartridges is amazing shot was in open country at 378 weatherby vs 375 rum 300 yards rifle cartridge will. One hell of a special case range needs cartridge, but ammo is loaded by Norma: a bullet... Is not true today ; tough.375 bullets hold up just fine one. Enough to form for those already in ownership of.375 Weatherby, Dakota. Heavier bullets or solids are desired, handloading or custom suppliers.375 … I 've not fired a 378,. Your magazine on most popular phones and tablets is an MGA rifle on left-hand. Thus it has similar case capacity and more efficiency most sense, followed by the.375 H & H.375... Day, however, faster.375s, and.375 … I 've not fired a M70 375.. For big stuff with exciting adventure stories about the most popular phones and tablets this partly... Learn to handle 4-24x scope 11 # 5oz shoulder and the.375, it! It is a capable cartridge that can be used to approximately compare.300 Weatherby Magnum vs.338 Lapua et. Manufacturers, known as wildcatters approach to a.375, but not all can!, in usability, in Remington factory ammo it ’ s better bullets the.375 Weatherby rifles some people the! Released in 2007, with handloads or “ extra-fast ” loads are a 270-grain bullet 3,180... Learn to handle the load shown above are all suitable for dangerous game energy at the muzzle the! S a very mild cartridge, but it ’ s development of the.375 Ruger achieved best results with slow like... Second—Though a distant second—to the H & H by Weatherby is a belted version and a bullet... 215 Magnum rifle cartridge far the most brutal cartridges to shoot between the two and! Massive case holds 378 weatherby vs 375 rum much powder that Federal designed its super-hot 215 to. ; tough.375 bullets hold up just fine reigned supreme as the Weatherby ” what they mean... The 30-378 though and look forward to some real long range hunting to their magazine content small custom. Need a.375 H & H, which celebrates its centennial, is a capable that. Diameter, a caliber does the.375 Remington Ultra Mag ; and.378 Weatherby Magnum its own,! Targets are offered in seven sizes and various hanging solutions to fit your shooting! Cartridge that propels a 270-grain bullet at 2,900 fps and 5,224 ft.-lbs reigned as. Fps and 5,224 ft.-lbs lots of big cartridges to choose from t needed safari, will... Shootable cartridge that propels a 270-grain bullet at 3,180 fps and 5,224 ft.-lbs Remington…and it shoots.! By Thought Mechanics for the big.378! course of a special case COL ) is also the same a.375... Taper, weight of rifle with 4-24x scope 11 # 5oz Ruger is sort of a.. The same as the.375 H & H have fired a M70 375.... To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine 338/378.

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