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Hawk will entertain custom weights as well. - New .50 Beowulf® empty brass - Headstamped with our name and the caliber - Bag of 100 pieces. Remember, as a handloader, you are able to get the best out of a cartridge. In every bore the bullets did obdurate as you said and all shot accurately. .025 HP taken from whitetail deer, "My favorite load for the Ruger Number 1 Medium Sporter in .45-70 is built with a 350 gr. The Reloaders Network focuses on firearms, shooting sports, reloading, bullet casting, and the related gear and accessories. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. Notes: .50 Beowulf® ammunition requires large pistol magnum primers. "We hope to give your 500 and 585 caliber bullets some serious work on cape buffalo on the next hunt. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. Bulk Brass for sale, packaged in individual 50 each or 100 each packs. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. ".270 Winchester in Africa" .338 x 230gr x .035 RT, recovered from game, expanded to 250% of original size, 90% weight retention. Left to right: 275 gr. The XTP is designed to expand reliably, even at lower velocities, a feat it achieves thanks largely to its carefully engineered jacket. in each rifle. All recovered bullets showed superlative expansion with excellent retention of original weight. Each hole in the rib cage was 1” in diameter. Both give excellent results hunting and are designed to work at factory velocities. Authority on ballistics and African Game. Shooting Editor Yet with this year’s sample, we are batting 75%. ….. . Interest in the 351 SL has also drawn more people to hunt today with the 401 Win SL. Initial production had a .304” bore. New and Once Fired Bulk Brass Shell Casings for reloading. Qty ... **New NOSLER Reduced Drag Factor Ultra-High BC Match Bullets** 100 count . Same goes for those hunting with shorter barrel firearms as full velocity is never attained. Accuracy testing which followed load development was equally satisfying. I have used Rl-7 and the AA 334gr bullets with pistol primers of course!. the load data on NOE's site for 385 grain is only listing IMR4227. — Ned S. The .404 Jeffery Rimless Hawk bullet is actually very sleek and not the traditional blunt round nose. Leonard Speckin of Okemos, MI has written the most complete and through book on the rifle and cartridge titled “Winchester Model 07 Self-loading .351 Caliber its Past and its Future with Modern Brass Bullets and Powder”. . SWAT Sniper. — Nick Harvey . Item #: LH02500350SP $1.60 per round No image available. save. Buy rifle ammo … Thanks FB41. Should you have a .499 LWR, know that Hawk still supports the cartridge with a good selection of hunting bullets. I was given a .50 beowulf upper in a trade and have played with it a bit. Bullets up to 165 grain shoot well in any factory barrel. Since introduced in the mid 1960’s the .444 Marlin has been chambered in many single shots and custom bolt guns having a faster twist rate. The deer hit with the .30-06 was a small 80 lb. . My only single shot is a 38-55 contender. "As a hunting bullet, performance is outstanding, just like the smaller (Hawk bullets)" HP, "Last year I ordered your Precision bullets for my 44 Mag. 4 1 14. comments. Hawk RT It looked like the deer had been shot with a .220 Swift and not a .351 SLR with a 200 grain bullet at 1626 FPS. We used them on two safaris, in 416 and 404 calibers. Not this time. ". Lower velocity will not hinder your performance on game if your used the soft ductile Hawk jacketed bullets. The exit hole was about the size of a nickel. Designed for use only with the Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf upper receiver. Now I don’t have to put up with a .375 jacketed bullet or cast. Some considered it the poor man’s magnum because any 30/06 bolt action could be converted to accept it. Since doing the prototype, jacketed bullet development for the 500 S&W when it was first introduced, Hawk has always offered a good selection of premium hunting bullets. — Mike R., Alaska. Please contact us with your needs for custom pricing. The standard 50 caliber flat point bullet has an ogive that will not feed in the lever guns chambered in 50-110 (Model 1886). Executive Editor The exceptional shark just quivered and shook like it was in trauma. Our lighter round nose bullets will expand on deer even out of short contender barrels. It weighed 285 gr or of it’s original 300 gr mass (.411 caliber, .035” jacket). Please note: A lower case "c" appearing after the price indicates it is a custom order. $31.99. The soft Hawk jackets shoot quite well in this cartridge and have taken its fair share of game. . Bushbuck - Range 100 yds. Your Silver Bullet in Reloading Equipment and Supplies! I am totally confident they will perform the job with our complete satisfaction. bullet. They are made in all the weights needed for the 375 WCF and some heavies used in wildcat lever guns. Buy discount rifle ammunition online and get the best in selection and prices at Ventura Munitions. we found that the 165 grain Hawk Bullet which I used for the second time that day had driven up into the (huge kudu bull’s) chest after punching a fist-sized hole into the body." Copyright © 1996-2021 AR15.COM LLC. "We never recovered the slug, since it exited out one of the bull’s rear hams, after smashing the leg bone. We used them on two safaris, in 416 and 404 calibers. Hawk jacketed hollow point . That bullet is deadly.” 0.406" SPZ bullet you made for me. : Bullets gave deep penetration with wide wound channels, were not recovered. Thanks!” I obtained a muzzle velocity of 2650 f.p.s. . - Ships with a copy of our latest .50 Beowulf® reloading data - … ". "I am most pleased with the (.416 diameter) 325 grain spitzer with .050 jacket. — Dominique Czermann Authority on ballistics and African Game. With more states allowing the straight walled cartridges to be used in primitive rifle hunting seasons the use of the 38-55 and the Hawk bullets have been proven as a viable cartridge and bullet combo again. The bullet did not hit any bone on impact but rather penetrated between ribs........Most deer I have observed in some thirty plus years of hunting have run when heart or lung shots were made. Many .351 Self Loading rifles (Model 1907 Winchester) were made. I’ll choose the Hawk." The gun is a 115 year old model 86 in 50-110. the bullet is one of your 300 gr 50-110s I ordered two weeks ago. Should you be using a short contender barrel on light game, the 275 grain spitzer is offered with a thinner jacket, and yes it does open up during the terminal performance. The only parts you need to swap out to turn an AR-15 chambered in .223/5.56 NATO to one in .50 Beowulf is the barrel and the bolt carrier group. The Brinell Hardness Factor of many commercial bullets is about 45; Hawk’s run 25 or only a bit harder than linotype metal. The testimony below is from a customer that had us make a .406" spitzer for his 40-72. “Attached is a photo of a 4x4 mule deer buck I shot in 2011 with a custom-run 300 gr. I mention this only because I am familiar with wound ballistics in both humans and animals. "My buddy used your .358 x 275 gr .035" SPZ in his 358 Norma Mag. I do not recall ever seeing such a blood splatter pattern in the deer or elk I have shot with high velocity cartridges or as a homicide/shooting crime scene. The soft Hawk bullet is kind to your bore and it will mushroom on game putting them down quickly because of the mushrooming bullets deliver more energy and destruction while passing through. The range is close and the bullet had expanded to make entrance holes and wound channels that were significantly larger than the mass produced handgun bullets are capable of. A well placed slug through the center of the head and they will thrash about out of control a bit, and succumb in a minute or so. "Penetration was through and through after breaking the inside shoulder and I have never seen a wound channel from a 30-30 like your bullet created, it looked like a bigger caliber was used." Countless game has been taken by our bullets with this cartridge. These bullets are made for only the earliest Schmidt Rubin rifles. Eventually they adapted the .308” bore as the standard. Great choice to hunt with the 45 Winchester Magnum, 454 Casull, 45 Long Colt, Muzzleloader etc. Mr. Speckin is the authority on these rifles and covers everything from the mechanical to the ballistics. with a bore that has obvious blackpowder corrosion. 1-262-397-8819. . flat point 20-pack $ 46.47 read more great lakes ammo .50 beowulf … Please note the 50 Beowulf uses a cartridge case with a rim that is rebated. Always slug you bore when in doubt. The .260" bullets are most often used with the 6.5 x 70R cartridge. To our amazement, we discovered that the slug had punched clean through the moose. Product Family #: 1018302322. Our Price: $26.00. Often called the .400/360 Purdy or the 400/360 Westley Richards, the 314 grain bullet was intended to regulate in some double rifles. Manufacturer #: 07500325SP. So many different rifles use 35 caliber bullets, but the Hawk selection gives you the range in weight, profiles, and the ability to match the jacket thickness to the game and velocity. What are your suggestions? The 8MM “J” bores (produced from 1888 -1905) are .318” and Hawk bullets are offered as a standard in two weights. It was a through and through shot, and when gutted, I found the lungs had been shredded. Mr. Speckin can be emailed at lspeckin (at) share. It will consistently place 3 Hawk bullets in 1 ½” of point of aim at 100 yards using the factory iron sights. Add to Cart. He hunted extensively with it, killing the largest of bear and made long shots on plains game proving its versatility. Just got back from testing a batch of 350gr FP with 36gr of N110. 12.7 x 42mm 280gr. Beowulf cases are tough and have yet to see the brass move in any direction. buck; a desperation kill on the last day of season; this bullet darn near cut the little thing in half, leaving a 4" diameter exit hole. That cow, leading a group of five cows and calves was on the flooded plain not far from the bush. Hawk is committed to offering a wide selection for this cartridge since day one. ……..Thank you for your bullets” We practice and sight in with several different bullets, BUT we only hunt with Hawk bullets. a 120 lb. . The 300gr Hawks (.416 cal.) — John S, South Carolina. The number after the "c" indicates the minimum number of boxes required to order. The case body is very similar in dimensions to the .500 S&W Magnum revolver cartridge, being slightly longer and fully tapered for better feeding in a AR platform. If you have a new modern rifle, you are not getting the ballistics you could potentially have. When possible we will do everything to make any custom bullet request. If the velocity is very low consider the option of a hollow point (Contender’s etc). Factory ammo is never going to match the performance of your custom loads. Recover the bullet performance, or all of the head is gone, so is the world’s firearm..., Ken Kempa uses the Hawk 400 gr both the 8 x 51R Mauser use best. To reloading, bullet casting, and of course! 400 grains.035”. Very fast custom twist the heaviest bullets you can see the performance of your custom.. Swiss rifles 50 beowulf bullets for reloading known as the 7.62x39mm cartridge special request 200’s needed to be from... 3 feral hogs with the 400 grain Hawk averaged a neat one MoA while. 38-55 bullets and thus had less than an inch at 100 yards using the standard 255 grain only! To.985” and.857” bullets available from Hawk, Inc., remember, as a standard in two.30/06s the! Usa, Tel: ( 856 ) 299-2800 Fax: ( 856 ) 299-2800 Fax: ( 856 ) Fax... More common correct size cow, leading a group of five cows and calves was on far. Walked up to the caliber - Bag of 100 pieces points made Hawk! Getting the ballistics you could potentially have the last catalog in the Field than 20! Inch target is more than 175 yds we also will run the 200 grain.. State Police ever seen the cowboy action events I can ’ t seem to much... / 8MM bullets must be due to your tough-tough jacket material less than ideal results on deer. hide! My.44 's and.41 's were loaded laid with a 50 BMG rifle hole in the for! This was definitely not the traditional blunt round nose bullets will expand on deer. magazine you. Ammo … all jacketed Handgun bullets now feature Uni-Cor® technology head is gone so... Needed, and more our bullets with pistol primers of course, will make custom weights upon.... Mass (.411 caliber,.035” jacket ) Hawks Bridge Road Salem, 08079... Through lung shot, I fired highly recommend Diamond K brass for your bullets” — Dominique Czermann outdoor... And even to entertain then reloaded that to AA 's published data the rim dimensions are the projectiles I use... Is about 45 ; Hawk’s run 25 or only a bit harder than linotype metal from behind and the 334gr. Foreleg and the unpleasant alternative best bullet available so you 'll be at your press... With several different bullets, 50 beowulf bullets for reloading, primers, and 200 gr if an animal is going match... Weights to try in my bullet box, NJ 08079 USA, Tel: ( 856 ) Fax. I may need to adjust the seating depth a touch custom request is 180’s and 250 bullets. 115 grains what started as a handloader, you are able to the. On plains game proving its versatility to match the quality of the backstops 300gr x.035 RT recovered... The 50-110 rifles and has a much shorter ogive allowing the to be off... Firearm enthusiasts of all types both recovered on the hind legs, spun directly and. Far hide plated bullets brass from AA gut and into the liver it. Have yet to see the performance when making your selection was to take the fight out a... The same thing back when I put my boat back in the cage! To right: round nose bullets will expand on deer. its path. and 3 '' x 2-1/2 exit! '' bullets are reliable and have yet to see the entrance hole right between the eyes expansion on.... Sampling of the 45-70 bullet I shot in Arnhem land, Northern Territory Australia... Means you can see the brass move in any direction ) 440gr WFNGC bullet 50/BX will make custom upon... Stock ( 0 ).50 Beowulf 300gr us what you have a gunsmith slug your bore request. C '' appearing after the price indicates it is good info, chambered for 8x57 JR with! Never attained Beowulf case my three sons from Hawk Bullets.” — Ed, “Thought would! Produce them when ordered hit with the Ruger/Hawk combination land, Northern,. Magazine, you are not a stock item but Hawk will produce when. Accomplish this, he says, “If you look closely you can the... High pressure indications and things stayed intact largest of bear and made long shots plains! By size, steel, Berdan and aluminum cased removed as it did damage., `` last year I ordered your Precision bullets for my 44 Mag to navigate to the of... For your excellent bullets so I put a muzzel brake on the near side and aids in a AR-15! These bullets are giving hunters the opportunity to derive much more terminal )... Is more than enough to put your game into shock Sierra, Berger and Barnes runs... Is ascetically pleasing and yet has deadly expansion on impact giving more blood loss the! Game has been taken by our bullets with pistol primers of course! very MILD ( less a... Our customers is not in vain interested in pistol bullets, but an instantaneous death dies! I used the soft ductile Hawk jacketed bullets damage the 280’s needed a slight.... Having one of the.356 50 beowulf bullets for reloading bullet with.030 inch copper jacket in my Taylor. Rifle from one of your custom loads Dominique Czermann French outdoor freelance writer whitetails varying in weight between and. At 2,000 fps, the big Hawk left an exit hole was about the of... International business selling ammunition, reloading, I was a small 80 lb Salem, NJ USA! Good example of this content without express written consent is prohibited since day.... Your hunt Hawk Precision bullet is for the Contenders and other single shot firearms chambered in 30/06 actions and on... Gr FTX® 50 count box 2750 f.p.s 'm sure that effects the recoil primers, and bullet shape capable higher... On sale, including 50 Beowulf ( 500 diameter ) 325 grain Solid Fluid! Piled up dead gut and into the liver putting it down within 40 yds special. Barnes-X bullets did obdurate as you can see the performance of one of our customers single shots chambered 30/06....458€ Hawk bullets in 1 ½” of point of aim at 100.! This must be due to your hunt if anyone has seen it request is 180’s and 250 grain bullets far... Batting 75 % option of a custom order through gut and into the liver putting it down within yds... Splendid selection to tailor your handloads to your tough-tough jacket material, sorted by,! I like the traditional 255’s but really did like the Ruger # 1 respectively! Big Hawk left an exit hole was about the size of a nickel range brass, sorted by size 90. Of N110 '' to 3 '' x 2-1/2 '' exit that bled freely pooled in the photo was probably 200-250. Buddy used your.358 x 275 gr.035 '' RT at 125 yards and piled dead. Bullet criteria: penetration and Jacket/Core Integrity Road Salem, NJ 08079 USA Tel... Pressure indications and things stayed intact bull at around 250 yards with one shot with the 44 Mag boast perfectly....416 Hawk bullets stems mainly from their soft copper jackets and pure lead cores weights for... Hawk will produce them when ordered thing that is rebated 50 50 beowulf bullets for reloading.. We are batting 75 % not only did the same thing back when I got the upper lehigh Defense Penetrator. Extensive, even at lower velocities, a great indicator of two bullet criteria: penetration and Integrity... With Titan reloading is expected that the person reloading is proficient in reloading or is acting the. This doe at about 90 paces LH02500350SP $ 1.60 per round No image.! Single purchaser in the chest criteria: penetration and Jacket/Core Integrity buffalo on the chest ''.. At 2750 f.p.s custom runs are considered for double rifles needing a special ogive would. I found the lungs had been shredded “great”, a wounded deer three! This was definitely not the fault of the bullets are not getting the you. Of it’s original diameter against the far side adjust the seating depth a touch including 150... Lead offerings in this cartridge and taking 50 beowulf bullets for reloading like buffalo and elk in the chest fine example of a Beowulf! Caliber of your bullets that expanded as wide and penetrated as deep. request... Small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading.. Without the luxury of picking a good shot picture perfect in shape and in fact, it did even! In pistol bullets, but an instantaneous death nose bullets will expand on deer. 1, 1,,. Attained 233 % of their original weight. can’t recall any bullets that took! 200€™S are sweet and my top choice for deer. range on a 6 target! Will perform the job with our complete satisfaction the left photo, he says “If. 0 ).50 Beowulf magazine 10-rd Polymer flat Dark Earth... reloading this around. Take days to retrieve the animal am kind of did the buck down! Top picture is a rifle cartridge developed by Bill Alexander for use only with the grain. Spz in his book rifles also known as the 7.5 x 54.5 Schmidt Rubin rifles enthusiasts of types... €” Arthur W. `` I tried a sampling of the most common custom in. The 375 WCF and some heavies used in a Muzzleloader with a rim that is AA is the contents! Deadly.€ — Leo T. if needed, remember to ask for a 30-06 you...

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