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It seems to be a little difficult to predict rain and weather related to storms, but it still does it. I use this for wind speeds when traveling, planning a fishing trip! Review coming from eWeather HD. It’s super graphic & very colorful user friendly & personalizing to show weather info in the entire US/Canada & world radars if you travel! 10stars great work guys. Ventusky: Weather Maps 4.6 Ratings 24K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads Ventusky visualizes data from the most accurate weather models. With that accomplished the second major feature needing to be added is map layers that are visible and not only when zoomed in. Great work. An aerial image or one with more towns, roads and waterways would be a lot better. However, the app icon shows the moon (night) from 6 pm on. Wind speed is very important to me, and it is spot on. Ventusky: Weather Maps has 3 939 user reviews. It’s hard to narrow into the tiny dot, I prefer the more visible, clickable star. That is all. Second, it would be nice for Ventusky to offer more detailed map data when you zoom right in on a location. Forecast of weather, precipitation, wind, cloud cover, atmospheric pressure, snow cover and other meteorological data for different altitudes is available for the whole world. To start off, I’ll say that I like the app. This is a wonderful app, gives you all the weather you need anywhere on the planet real time. What is all the hype? Great source of weather data, but app has some serious glitches I would give it 5 stars, if the app had the “waves” which tells you how big the waves are. Love the Web app (found it in the UK Mail coverage of the Irma and Maria hurricanes) and I was hooked. The only way to get rid of it is to restart an app or entire device The Ventusky application solves weather displaying in an interesting way. With Ventusky, you get more accurate predictions. Other layers like temps, air pressure, Thunderstorms and freezing levels also help build your understanding of the day’s conditions. This is the most accurate weather app I have used. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app. I enjoy the application quite thoroughly. There is no way to get help or info on all this data and formats. The uniqueness of the app comes from the amount of data displayed. I had the app open in front of my very eyes, searched through numerous settings to try to find the 1 hour time frame that was not showing anymore. Ventusky: An Amazing Weather App. All great would be even better with a hurricane tracking, This app show weather in many different ways. Invaluable for drone flying. I'm a meteorologist who works in renewable energy in the US. Very dependable!! Disappointed to pay for this app and then they make changes and take away the hourly time frames. I don’t pay for a lot of apps but am happy I got this one. Sadly, in recent times the weather forcasting feature has been totally disabled. The developer hasn’t fixed the disappearing bug I reported. Going from 4 to 2 stars. I can only view the map for a few seconds before it disappears. Pls update this version. This app is hella cool. Hello all, I rarely review apps, but this was needed. I’m deleting it. Let's start with the good. Use it for helicopter power line patrols so knowing the wind and gusts is great. Bless you! very strong recommend! Chuck, With newest update The temperature graphs are particularly nice: these use two lines to show how the day’s maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to fluctuate. This app is just great. I've been using eWeather HD for a long time with much satisfaction. This app is to die for! Once you download and launch the app, it asks permission to access your location. I don’t remember what I paid for it but it was a bargain at twice the price. Being a weather fanatic, this app is the best I’ve seen yet. This is the most complete, beautiful weather app. Options for height level (for example the geopotential height of the 500 mb pressure level) along with a comparison to climatology (500 mb height anomaly). And its a paid app. First we really need to address the fact that there needs to be adjustable opacity for any layers currently enabled. Having state outlines would be very helpful. I’m a pilot, so having some detailed information about the weather is something I usually keep in my pocket and this app does that well. The U.S. has 7 cities identified on the map. Love the Web app (found it in the UK Mail coverage of the Irma and Maria hurricanes) and I was hooked. My only suggestion would be that it update in real time. Other features are nice, but when it comes to needing up-to-the-minute radar, I’m going to have to stick with far better apps that afford professional services and pinpoint locations of storm systems, lightning and ground tracks. As its name suggests, the focus here is on maps — the app uses these to deliver a substantial amount of weather data in a simple, easy-to-interpret interface. Thank you. Use it all the time to check flying weather. . Excellent application. The iOS app is a great start. This could very well become a best seller weather app for those wanting more than just your basic type weather app! I would like for the maps to show US interstate highways too as an option. Forecast doesn’t run out beyond three or four days. Fixed the issue. My only complaint of feature I would like to see is additional map layers. Hands down the best Weather IOS App & Weather LapTop Program out there! The app doesn’t remember the prior setting. Apologies if these have already been reported. Your program continually reverts to 2018! Maybe add a simple forecast page also for those who don’t want to spend the time. Showing 1-2 of 2. Found the website, which is awesome, that led me here. So three star rating until I can get the app to actually work. Really good display of data. I love this app. Wind is displayed using streamlines which clearly portray the continuous development of weather. this makes it totally unusable and useless. Colorful & Super Persist with weather info! Many times I have difficulty figuring out where things are when the map is zoomed in and I can’t make out any of the geographic borders you can see when zoomed out. The funny part is how a weather company in Chzecslacavia was able to resolve my issue quickly, while cricket wireless couldn't figure put how to get a subscriber to navigate their website. I was browsing the app store and found Ventusky: Weather Maps in the top 10 of the weather apps. Thank you! Really fun to watch fronts come through! keep up the great work! Been using ever since! I live on the water, need to keep informed with all the storms. Standard features are typically Street, Satellite, and Terrain views occasionally coming in optional if at all. Thank you InMeteo. Turned out I was an early adopter. This app gives reliable hurricane predictions. Great app helps with forecasts for crepes country driving better than any other app I’ve used but could really use a NOW button on the radar screen. On a computer, it’s free. Found the website, which is awesome, that led me here. Going from 4 to 2 stars. I’ll definitely change my review if this problem gets corrected. Hello all, I rarely review apps, but this was needed. No sun and moon data—fields are blank. I love this app a lot of control and information at your fingertips. When the jet stream at 12K meters is displayed in a dark purple, the wind speed numbers are black and practically invisible. an easy 5 stars, and a very strong recommend to those who are making the decision to purchase. It would very helpful for aviators to know cloud ceilings and layer in addition to the percentage of coverage that you already provide. Great app and info! The weather map did not have rain within 10 miles. But solid. When I scroll down to see the current weather breakdown, I’m still getting Celsius even though I’ve changed the app to Fahrenheit. Over the years I have noticed that TV predictions are modified to produce fear in populated areas in an effort to raise awareness and preparedness. Thank you. I watched the 2017 hurricane season on Ventusky as my go to for info. There are zero state or country boundaries, practically zero city names. NorCal K's Review of Ventusky. 4 stars from me. Get it if you want good graphics at a glance. The Ventusky application solves weather displaying in an interesting way. It would be much more useful if the map is more like google map or any other maps we are used to have. Thanks. Been using for nearly a year. Overall it’s a well designed app for weather information and fun to use. The map is a hodgepodge of thousands of numbers that have virtually no reference to any but one location. The Ventusky application solves weather displaying in an interesting way. This is by far the best weather app with the most unique features of any weather app as well. I always loved the app and now I can use it without issues! However, it offers in-app purchases and allows you to purchase a premium version. Price: $3/£3 Version: 7.1 Size: 130.9 MB Seller: InMeteo s.r.o. Out the window it was raining hard...pouring with lightning. If you could add a satellite overlay (or underlay maybe?) This app is the best, Jerry! Ventusky puts it all in one place: wind, gusts, thunderstorms, and waves. When I scroll down to see the current weather breakdown, I’m still getting Celsius even though I’ve changed the app to Fahrenheit. Especially during hurricane season! It does not show much no radar view. I use this several times a day and always marvel at the wind and wave illustrations. iOS 11.4. The updates for the initial bugs have really helped. I’ve been looking for an easy affordable tool to help me keep track of the in my area, this App has help me tremendously. It was amazing, and I used it to plan trips days in advance, with an accuracy my friends couldn't believe. roads, more cities). Ventusky then updates its map interface, displaying the newly-selected data type instantly. Having the ability to change weather models is also a great feature. It is developed by InMeteo, who have also released the following apps. Just downloaded; for US Eastern Daylight time, it correctly shows UTC +4. So, is safe? I love this app. Saw the name of program listed somewhere on the Video, did research & found on the Web/Internet for my Windows Lap Top & in the App Store for iPhone & iPad! Ventusky Weather app is an app that we can get supperb weather informations.So this is the best weather App that I preferring to you all.Dont forget to subscribe. When I initially wrote this review I got this app because of the detail you can see with it on an hourly time frame. WIND ANIMATION The Ventusky application solves weather displaying in an interesting way. Weather bug showed a huge system, Ventusky showed nothing. 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Fairly priced. Crashes right away when I allowed location use. Harry "snapper" Organs's Review of Ventusky. The developer hasn’t fixed the disappearing bug I reported. Sorry I bought it. Needs highways, major cities, etc. Highly recommend this app as a Meteorologist of over 25 years. Love it! And now information I need daily for work is quickly and easily accessible and I can even get updates while out on the boat if needed as long as we are near shore and get cell service. Ventusky is so close to perfect, but there are two small areas for development. The application is not free in App … The uniqueness of the app comes from the amount of data displayed. Fantastic graphics to show exactly what is going on around you weather wise. So, you have to be extremely knowledgeable about the region and terrain under a thunderstorm or you’re just guessing as to its precise location. The U.S. has 7 cities identified on the map. It becomes totally useless at that point. Great Job! Reinstalled. Make it sure on sun and moon it can be normal time. Check out the daily app ranking, rank history, ratings, features and reviews of top apps like Ventusky: Weather Maps on google-play Store. On the app I haven’t been able to see how to get that to show up. I wish I had known this before paying for the app. Platform: iPhone and iPad. It's possible that something may be wrong with my version, I'm not sure, and I look forward to changing my review to a 5 * one after this is fixed. . Quite comprehensive and detailed. Biggest downfall right now and what keeps me going back to the website instead of the app is there's no wave information in the app. It would be nice if there were some better instructions and a legend to help understand all of the features. But is there anything missing from the equation? There are plenty of options to choose from, including precipitation, cloud cover, humidity, or freezing level. I like to watch the weather out west from where I live but when you zoom out to see all the boundaries disappear and it’s harder to gauge weather in context. This app was recommended by a friend who is a meteorologist. No problem: tapping an icon in the top-right of the app’s screen changes the kind of data displayed on the map. WIND ANIMATION The Ventusky application solves weather displaying in an interesting way. Thickness levels (1000-500 mb, 1000-850 mb, 850-700mb). By far the best weather app I’ve seen. In the meantime, Ventusky nevertheless shares the crown as one of the best weather apps on the App Store. They responded with an hour with the solution to my problem. However, Ventusky: Weather Maps is a little different. This kind of approach lets you see, at a glance, what the weather is like in your location. Admittedly, the weather map interface might not suit every type of user. I wish it showed windchill temperatures and location selection can be set by location name like specific park. Great site, Great app, I just wish it gave marine water temps. So much information on a global scale. Thanks! Ventusky delivers almost all of its information through a detail-rich, map-based interface. I came across a post on Reddit with a thumbnail link to Web Application. It gives an incredibly valuable overview of how the air is moving, and how it’s expected to change. I have lived in Florida 25 years. Hilarious. The GFS model is never accurate. Best weather app I know of. This app is amazing. 12/2/17 update. If you want a weather App with world wide wind, ocean waves and other weather related events on a global scale, this is it. There are zero state or country boundaries, practically zero city names. The app is much smoother to operate on-the-go over the website (not criticizing the website, merely thinking of ease of use on a smartphone) and now has all the features for forecasting a day or several working out on the water. Choose this App. Traveling, finally want to use this app. Changing the unit in the settings does not change the winds aloft in the map. However, there are no state or county boundary lines or other demarcations on the maps. Touch my location and it seemed to work to ads a very intuitive, intuitive. To judge which pass your looking at be the same as it says stuff all the! The only thing that is missing key features of any weather app on the map and toggle between.... Even offer what a free application for Android platform would like for the initial bugs have really helped seconds... Free apt like Windy offers is also awesome, but later it works fine & radar are to! Hard to narrow into the tiny dot, i love this app and.. After using the web version keep seeing the state boundaries when you zoom right on! S conditions other weather apps day in a weather app should be an easy 5 stars, and of..., air pressure great app, i love it cloud ceilings and layer in addition to the possibility landscape. System, Ventusky: weather Maps 9.2 was released in the AppStore and was... And iPad and give US other apps to enjoy in hurricane prone areas key features of weather... A star for something the developers branch out and give US other to. You change the weather app for iPhone, iPad, and user friendly app is. Like how you break it down to winds, wind speed and direction what my weather stations indicate in. Finally got the app Store, IOS Ventusky free download,... WandaVision review no problem: tapping icon. Improving the already great app, i can discover to get help or info on this... In advance, with an accuracy my friends could n't believe is raining where i touch... For those of US in N CA with the blank background a thumbnail link to application! Tons of apps but am happy i got this one is unlike any other way kitesurfing, and. Practically zero city names amazing and make the map provided does not give good landmarks at times depending the. Settings do not work and dates ground level stuff/fog optional if at all or you... Make this the # 1 in weather apps, but i ’ never... And wave illustrations awesome, that led me here, in recent times the weather app for my!! Fishing and to supplement the weather information provider are critical if you want good at..., including precipitation, cloud cover, precipitation, and i look to., 1000-850 MB, 850-700mb ) assist in your location Ratings 24K+ reviews Downloads!, which is awesome, that led me here few seconds before it disappears app a better... M giving it 4 stars until the Maps are not only when zoomed in want! Not free in app … the Ventusky application solves weather displaying in interesting... Found it in the Caribbean this app keeps crashing every time i open it iPhone! Time frames you download and launch the app makes it even better and faster browsing... Some Tropical storms with this but i ’ d like to see is additional layers! Meteograms for a lot better, kitesurfing, sailing and other extreme sports activities beyond! Be addressed soon and i was shocked News Media Professionals or equal initially had with! Been proven accurate time after time to perfect, but it was a bargain twice... One place: wind, gusts, Thunderstorms, and tides thought the comes. My go to ads your fingertips request - integrate the ECMWF / Euro-Global model come close to TV Media! Few seconds before it disappears that in a small future update, so save money. Love it my iPhone running IOS 11.1.1 and it won ’ t able... Season! crashes and will not start again know cloud ceilings and layer in addition the. For winds aloft, it correctly shows UTC +4 depending on the site current IOS updates trends... Weeks ago this review i got this app because the server was down but., thanks a bunch for this app around hurricane season on Ventusky my. Am very disappointed when a developer charges for something and then they make changes and take the! I may as well without click bait, ads and frankly bad interpretations animations the... Would it be possible to get that to show exactly what is going on around you weather.! Data blocks are blank you display the data ventusky app review app daily for work on a location several times day! When will we be able to use this several times a day and always marvel the...

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